GoatSheep and Goats

At our school farm we have flock of 11 whether dams, 16 register Montadale sheep, and a herd of 16 Boer goats. This herd and flock provide students with hands on experiences in animal husbandry. The students that volunteer with the Co-Op learn many different skills. These students comprise of any FFA member within our district. The students learn how to identify basic animal health, such as normal and abnormal behavior to determine if animals are sick. In addition students learn basic management skills such as feeding, supplement additions, watering,and construction of offspring pens.


These students also learn basic veterinary skills. Some of these skills include vaccinations, hoof trimming, castration, tail docking, de-horning, estrus synchronization, and assisting in parturition (delivery of offspring). Finally our students also get the extra experience of showing breeding animals at some of the state livestock shows, such as Cow Palace, State Fair, and various jackpot shows.


Sheep Grazing


Sheeps grazing at MUSD Farm

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